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"We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one"
- Jacques Yves Cousteau
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  • Residential Well Water Testing
  • Potability Analysis
  • For current and prospective homeowners and businesses
  • We can respond to your water testing needs in a quick and reliable manner
  • EnviroTech is a private, state certified, independent laboratory and will assess the results of your analysis in an unbiased and easy to understand way
  • Most tests results are available within two working days from the time the lab has received your sample

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Fiction - Ground water occurs in underground lakes and rivers.
Fact - Ground water bears little resemblance to surface water.

Fiction - Ground water migrates thousands of miles.
Fact - Most ground water is replaced nearby.

Fiction - There is no relationship between ground water and surface water.
Fact - Ground water provides much of the flow of streams; most lakes and swamps are windows in the water table.

Fiction - Ground water is not important for your water supply.
Fact - 53% of America’s drinking water comes from wells.
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Since 1974, we have been performing water analysis:
Our Most Popular Tests
Potability Water Test

Radon in Water Test

VOCs - Scan for Toxic Chemicals

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  • Before you purchase a Home
  • Before you place your home on the market for sale or rent
  • If you are building a New Home
  • If you are drilling a New Well
  • If you notice a smell or discoloration in your drinking water
  • Connecticut State Department of Public Health recommends testing once per year

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